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  • @lostruin about a week 25/Nov/2014 17:15:50
  • Resident Evil 4 is also on sale on XBLA priced just £4.94 http://t.co/b2L9Yjv85G http://t.co/3QLX7nxpaW 25/Nov/2014 16:49:40
  • Devil May Cry HD Collection & DmC: Devil may Cry - £6.59 each on XBLA http://t.co/U8pUdCrFv2 http://t.co/Q0uv9cGs0O http://t.co/a6n8tS6Mtm 25/Nov/2014 16:47:42
  • Time is running out to enter our Design an Xmas card comp - win yourself a PS4 http://t.co/4sUP4vVzB2 http://t.co/SxISUyW7y2 25/Nov/2014 15:58:29
  • If you weren't able to visit us at Hyper Japan this month, here's a video of what you missed! http://t.co/6g1aQhHPY0 http://t.co/Zl36ESWKfZ 25/Nov/2014 12:04:05
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