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  • @emiel1981 SFV is console exclusive to PS4. it is not a timed exclusive 01/Sep/2015 16:32:26
  • Monster Hunter 4U is up for 4 @GoldenJoysticks this year, Street Fighter V also down in the Most Wanted category http://t.co/V5brI55AGN 01/Sep/2015 16:19:07
  • Heading your way January 22nd 2016 https://t.co/lTVXoDMntT http://t.co/ySt8TbxU3P 01/Sep/2015 15:35:34
  • You heard Wright! Ace Attorney 6 (working title), announced in Japan today, is also in development for the west 01/Sep/2015 15:04:45
  • We’re bringing SFV (with Mika!) to Celtic Throwdown in Dublin, Sep 5th-6th 2015. Details at - http://t.co/ZIfqLt47oH http://t.co/cQCyvibURz 01/Sep/2015 15:00:23
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