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  • On an all out mission today to unlock that Lottie costume http://t.co/hOIRbipjQf http://t.co/UssXcseVn0 25/Apr/2015 10:28:44
  • The weekend is sorted! New costumes are here for Revelations 2 Raid Mode http://t.co/hOIRbipjQf http://t.co/3E9M9mqsTZ 24/Apr/2015 15:58:43
  • Resident Evil HD sells over One Million! Thank you - follow the link for some cool wallpapers http://t.co/1Yhb3HBELz http://t.co/3T35wLhncc 24/Apr/2015 11:00:56
  • New Raid Mode costumes for Revelations 2 today http://t.co/hOIRbipjQf http://t.co/pc1BKs23kk 24/Apr/2015 08:20:22
  • Resident Evil HD sells over one million units - more deets and free wallpaper here http://t.co/1Yhb3Hk3mZ http://t.co/FJiqGxQnJ5 24/Apr/2015 07:10:45
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