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  • RT @SFVServer: We are going to restart some of our servers over the next 20 minutes. If you're disconnected please try logging back in. 29/Aug/2015 14:19:26
  • RT @SFVServer: We're aware that some players are experiencing issues. We're looking into it and will update you shortly. 29/Aug/2015 13:58:26
  • RT @SFVServer: We noticed a temporary login issue and have resolved it. Please try logging in again if you've been having problems. 29/Aug/2015 13:06:54
  • Better than Saturday morning cartoons watch @TheStreetWriter and @Dr8kHunt6r take on the Mega Man Legacy Collection https://t.co/FM2tg97uM7 29/Aug/2015 08:05:53
  • Worldwide SF V beta kicks off around midnight and runs for 5 days - give us a tweet and let us know how you get on 28/Aug/2015 20:41:24
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