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  • It's nearly time for Hypespotting 4. The first Premier Event on this year's Capcom Pro Tour! Time to get hype... https://t.co/GZZ0RdfmIt 01/Apr/2015 16:07:15
  • RT @StreetFighter: Would mastery of the Satsui no Hado be enough to subdue the effects of the t-Virus? Art by: http://t.co/pKVVk6k7of http… 31/Mar/2015 14:49:35
  • RT @CapcomFighters: Catch @F_W0rd Joker Jokes & Jester Power @WinnerStaysOn Sessions at 20:00GMT http://t.co/oDPr5Xgh9W @TheStreetWriter ht… 31/Mar/2015 13:22:51
  • Good luck finding a glass big enough for this eight-legged critter... Also, nope... nope... nope... nope... >_< http://t.co/QM1bvkyDPb 30/Mar/2015 15:11:01
  • Shoot everything - collect loot - win! That's the gist of Raid mode but here is a closer look https://t.co/ku3FR9698F 29/Mar/2015 10:20:15
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