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  • It's Friday night and Frank's out to party! hope you enjoyed this week of Frank's Outfit of the Day! #DEADRISING https://t.co/8NxHy2s9oN 26/Aug/2016 17:06:40
  • Hunt a Bulldrome to claim the Wind Waker and Link's heroic Palico gear for free! https://t.co/RMri50KHm7 https://t.co/kpy64wRigo 26/Aug/2016 15:00:48
  • Represent the North or South and win a trip to Japan, the original home of #RedBull5G and #StreetFighter! https://t.co/mzjGAL1uF1 26/Aug/2016 11:06:52
  • Watch the prologue for AA: Spirit of Justice, then grab the demo from the Nintendo 3DS eShop today! https://t.co/uHuTbsABSE 25/Aug/2016 17:45:23
  • Everyone likes to feel pretty sometimes, even Frank with today's outfit! #DEADRISING https://t.co/QN0Pc0eqKV 25/Aug/2016 15:40:32
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