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  • @stetaylor88 thanks for posing - more pictures coming during the week 25/May/2015 14:02:26
  • RT @TheStreetWriter: Au revoir, Rennes. It's been emotional (I swear I was smiling when I took this...) @CapcomFighters @Capcom_UK http://t… 25/May/2015 12:13:09
  • RT @CapcomFighters: Legendary commentators at Stunfest @WinnerStaysOn @KenBogard @F_W0rd @papatiwawa Can anyone Photoshop @sethkillian ? ht… 25/May/2015 00:24:27
  • RT @CapcomFighters: Congratulations to Daigo @daigothebeast for winning Stunfest. Still considered by many to be the GOAT (& rightly so) ht… 24/May/2015 22:26:57
  • @EnkiTvM very cool - good work 24/May/2015 22:10:26
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